At FHF Gear we’ve paired the functionality of the hunting and fishing industry with the utility and durability of tactical gear to produce unique and high quality outdoor gear. Using a design that is minimalistic and modular in nature, our products provide the user the freedom to add or eliminate accessories as needed, creating a fully customizable kit for your needs.

For over a decade, FHF Gear has been proudly made in America and backed by a warranty that exhibits not only our confidence in our product, but our belief in customer service.



I am an avid fly fisherman, bow hunter, and recently retired LEO and SWAT Team Leader. I live and work around Bozeman, MT. We have some of the best hunting and fishing in the country, and I try to be outside as much as possible. I test and evaluate my gear designs constantly and solicit feedback from my team-mates, hunting and fishing partners, and the large hunting and fishing community around me.

My experience with tactical gear comes from many hours of training, call-outs, and learning from the experiences of others. I have researched all of the gear our team used and feel that I have seen most of the strengths and weaknesses of what the mainstream market has to offer. I have worked with, and gained insight from many previous and current members of specialized military units from all branches. These are true Operators whom I respect far beyond my ability to express.



I grew up in beautiful South-Western Montana, but have called Bozeman home for nearly 15 years. I love all things outdoors, but have a true love for fly fishing and hiking the Montana mountains with my husband, Paul and our 4 kids.

I came on board with FHF Gear in 2016, packing orders and helping answer emails part time. In late 2017 I was able to commit full time and focus more of my time and energy on FHF Gear's business expansion. Although I have always loved the outdoors and enjoyed various outdoor activities, FHF Gear allowed me to interact with the outdoor community on a much broader, yet more intimate level. The dedication to conservation, ethical hunting, protection of public lands and general appreciation and respect for others shown by our customers and others in the community was overwhelming and exciting.

Additionally, FHF Gear serves a unique audience that includes many outdoorsmen and women that have ties to Law Enforcement and/or Military service. Having spent the majority of my working career within the Courts, Corrections and Law Enforcement fields, FHF Gear has allowed me the ability to continue to interact with, relate to, and support these individuals in a new way.

Currently, I oversee brand operations for FHF Gear while assisting Paul with various manufacturing relationships and tasks that ensure that FHF Gear products remain American Made and meet the high standards our company has for our products and customers.



Raised in eastern Pennsylvania, I had a childhood spent entirely outdoors. My youth was filled with camping alongside my fellow boy scouts and fishing with my family. At the age of twelve I embarked into the world of hunting and have never looked back.

While attending Penn State University, I earned two degrees in Forest Management. Post graduation I served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve while working for the Pennsylvania Game Commission, Pheasants Forever, and the United States Forest Service. In 2016 I moved to Montana in order to partake in the vast hunting and fishing opportunities the west had to offer.

I spend my time devoted to the outdoors; furthering my knowledge and skills in hunting, fishing and trapping. My scouting, sporting and military experience instilled a passion for quality gear, and how it affects the users success and time spent outdoors. I’m deeply passionate about living in service to our country and communities through military and law enforcement positions as well as America's outdoor heritage; and aim to continue to serve both through my work as the FHF Gear Community Manager.

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