Bino Harness Sizing Guide

Length of binocular is the most important factor in determining a proper fit, including a tight seal over the lenses. We recommend measuring your binoculars after adjusting eye cups to your preferred position for accurate length and sizing. The size listed is the smallest option with eyecups adjusted in. Consider going up a size with eye cups out and/or large objective glass.


Droptine 8x42 Small
Droptine 10x42 Small
Signature HD 8x42 Small
Signature HD 10x42 Small
Signature HD 12x50 Medium


Duovid 42 Medium
Duovid 50 Large
Ultravid 42 Small
Geovid R 42 Medium
Geovid R 8x56 Large
Geovid R 15x56 Chest Rig
Geovid HD B/ HD R 42 Large
Geovid HD B/ HD R 56 Large
Noctovid & Noctovid Range Small
Trinovid 10x42 Small


BX-1 McKenzie 42 Small
BX-1 McKenzie 50 Medium
BX-2 Alpine 42 Small
BX-2 Alpine 52 Large
BX-2 Tioga 42 Small
BX-2 Tioga 50 Large
BX-3 Mojave 42 Small
BX-3 Mojave 50 Medium
BX-4 Guide HD 42 Small
BX-4 Guide HD 50 Medium
BX-4 Mckinley 42 Small
BX-5 Santiam 42 Small
BX-5 Santiam 50 Large
BX-5 Santiam 56 Chest Rig
BX-2 Cascade 10x42 Small


C1 Small
C3 Medium
B1 Medium
B2 Large
B3 / C2 Small - Should also use spacer
B4 & B5 Chest Rig


Monarch 10x42 Small
Prostaff 7S 42 Medium
Laserforce 10x42 Small


Kilo 3000 BDX 42 Medium
Zulu 3 32 Small - Should also use spacer
Zulu 5 42 Small
Zulu 5 50 Need Dimensions
Zulu 7 42 Small
Zulu 7 50 Need Dimensions
Zulu 7 56 Large
Zulu 9 45 Large
Zulu 9 56 Chest Rig


EL 32 Small
EL 42 Medium
EL 50 Medium
EL Range Medium - Large
SLC 42 Small
SLC 56 Large


Crossfire 42 Medium
Crossfire 50 Medium
Diamondback 42 Eyecups in - Small
Eyecups out - Medium
Diamondback 50 Medium
Fury HD Small
Fury HD 5000 Medium
Kaibab Large
Razor 42 Eyecups in - Small
Eyecups out - Medium
Razor 50 Medium
Ranger HD Large
Talon Medium
Viper 42 Small
Viper 50 Medium
Vulture Large
Razor UHD 8x42 / 10x42 Medium
Razor UHD 12x50 Large (with eye cups in)
Consider our Chest Rig


Terra ED 42 Small
Victory FL 10x32 Small - Should also use spacer
Victory HT 10x42 Medium
Victory RF 10x45 Large
Victory SF 10x42 Medium
Victory HT 10x54 Large
Conquest 42 Medium
Conquest 56 Chest Rig