Please refer to the individual warranty policies below for MeatEater, First Lite, FHF Gear and Phelps Game Calls to determine eligibility before submitting your request. Warranty approval via a Return Authorization Number is required before returning any product.


The MeatEater Store: cs@themeateater.com

First Lite: info@firstlite.com

FHF Gear: info@fhfgear.com

Phelps Game Calls: info@phelpsgamecalls.com

Submit your warranty request by completing the form below 

Please only include one item on each form submission. You may submit multiple forms if you have more than one warranty item. The more detailed your submission is, the faster we can process your warranty request.


MeatEater is proud to work with premium brands in the outdoor space to offer our customers what we think is the best gear for the pursuit. Warranty replacement for MeatEater-manufactured goods, such as MeatEater logo wear, only covers manufacturer defects. Culinary items and food stuffs do not qualify for warranty replacement.

Please refer to the specific 3rd party warranty policy to determine if your item qualifies for warranty replacement. Warranty replacement products will be replaced directly by the manufacturer. Warranty refunds will be issued by MeatEater for the original purchase price of the product. If you need assistance initiating a warranty claim with one of our 3rd party manufacturers, please send us an email at cs@themeateater.com.

Benchmade Warranty & LifeSharp Service

Every Benchmade purchase comes with a lifetime warranty and Lifesharp service, which guarantees Benchmade will re-sharpen your knife to a factory edge for free. Visit Benchmade’s Lifesharp page for instructions on how to send in your knife.

First Lite

At First Lite we take great pride in our products and stand behind every piece we make. We will replace any piece that's been compromised by a manufacturer's defect for the Practical Product Lifespan. If your First Lite product is defective, submit a warranty request by filling in the form above.

What Does Practical Product Lifespan Mean?

  • Practical Product Lifespan means the usual and customary wearable life of the product. The Practical Product Lifespan does not mean for your lifetime, or an indefinite period. The way the product is used directly impacts the wearable life of the product. Materials will deteriorate and fade over time and moving parts will wear with use. First Lite products are designed to be used and to perform in the field, as long as products are not misused, and care instructions are followed carefully.
  • If your product appears worn out, it likely needs to be replaced. Practical Product Lifespan will be determined at the reasonable discretion of a First Lite Customer Service Representative. Wear factors to be considered include, but are not limited to:
    • Type of product
    • The nature of the use of the product and the nature of the issue involved
    • Age of the product
  • The First Lite Customer Service Representative may require consumer information to accurately determine the lifespan of the product in question.

What's NOT Covered

  • Pilling, abrasion, pin holes or other cosmetic wear and tear which does not affect the performance of the garment
  • Rips, punctures, and burns caused by normal field use
  • Products that shrink or are damaged when laundered outside of our Washing Instructions
  • Degradation of elastic, caused by use of Ozone scent elimination technology

The original First Lite order number is required for approval of all warranty submissions. First Lite's warranty is non-transferable.

Warranty Replacement Item

If your warranty request is approved, your item will be replaced with the same SKU. If your item has been discontinued or updated, you will be sent the updated version, a comparable product, or a store credit for the original purchase price. Warranty replacement items cannot be backordered. If your replacement item is out of stock, you will receive a store credit for the original purchase price. Warranty authorization and replacement is left to the discretion of First Lite.

NEMO X First Lite Warranty Policy & Procedure

NEMO Equipment offers a lifetime warranty on all gear. Warranty requests are considered for defects in product manufacturing. If your NEMO X First Lite gear is defective due to faulty craftsmanship during the manufacturing process, contact NEMO directly.

FHF Gear

FHF Gear products are made in the USA with high quality, US-sourced material. If any product should fail due to a material flaw or workmanship, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Issues associated with normal wear and use can be repaired at a minimal and reasonable charge - submit a repair request here. Coverage does not extend to lost, misplaced, or broken parts (due to use, storage, etc.). Replacement parts may be available for purchase.

Phelps Game Calls

Phelps Game Calls stands behind their products and their quality. We will replace any piece that has been compromised by a manufacturer's defect and compromises field performance. If your PGC product is defective, please call us at 360.523.7938 or send an email to info@phelpsgamecalls.com to explain your products defect and request warranty approval. Upon approval, you will be an issued a Return Authorization Number and additional return instructions.

Warranty coverage is non-transferable and is valid for the practical lifespan of the product. Valid proof of purchase is required. Warranty authorization is left to the discretion of Phelps Game Calls.